Our company has been operating in the Aviation Services since 2003 and is rendering Air Ambulance Services under its own business organization (AOC – Air Operating Certificate) by means of its own Cessna Citation Bravo-C550 type aircraft. In our ambulance aircraft, medical devices and high technology patient handling stretchers at European standards are used.

Our aircraft is designed for 1 patient and is capable of transporting 2 accompanying relatives of the patient. In our aircrafts, healthcare personnel with the qualifications determined according to the patient’s illness are in charge. Our entire personnel consist of specialized experts having completed the necessary training and development courses and each of them has obtained the aerial ambulance working permit approved by the Ministry of Health.

In our aircraft, all the medical devices and medicine stipulated in the Ambulance Services Regulation published by the Ministry of Health are available. The transfer of all kinds of patients is realized in a safe and rapid manner thanks to the medical equipment as well as the experienced and specialized personnel.

The PANJET Operation Center is serving continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The medical devices and drugs, which are necessary for the patient and which may be required during the transfer, are checked over and our aircraft is thus prepared for the flight.

Along with the fact that aerial ambulance transfers may be realized at a predetermined date and time, they may also be realized momentarily after having obtained the necessary permission in emergency cases.

Thanks to the medical equipment available in our Citation Bravo-C550 type ambulance aircraft, the transfers of all kind of patients can be ensured in a fast and trouble-free way. In our aircraft, all kind of medical devices and drugs, with which intensive care ambulances have to be equipped, are fully available. Thanks to the cabin pressure sensors in our aircraft, the air pressure is balanced, and thus even the transfers of patients with severe respiratory distress can be easily made.

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