The purpose of providing a plane by a Aircraft Operation licensed firm is to ensure the fleet owner that their fleet is being used with care and controlled safely. Through the operating system, the owner can enjoy the privilege of owning a private jet without having to deal with official corporations who provides legitimate and […]


Our company has been operating in the Aviation Services since 2003 and is rendering Air Ambulance Services under its own business organization (AOC – Air Operating Certificate) by means of its own Cessna Citation Bravo-C550 type aircraft. In our ambulance aircraft, medical devices and high technology patient handling stretchers at European standards are used. Our […]


Unlike the scheduled flights; when a private business jet is chartered, you don’t have to go through the stress of long airport queues, disturbing security controls and unreasonable flight hours. With PANJET, you decide where and when to fly. Our friendly staff is dedicated to fulfill your requirements and our timetable is completely flexible to […]